Next Generation Culture Metrics

Unlock the potential of your teams hidden in your business data

Mind Impact helps organisations implementing a culture with goal achieving behavior while capturing human behavior metrics. We identify patterns in business data to enable teams & managers make better decisions with a high impact.

Our purpose

Because humans matter


For HR leaders

Give your employees a voice they can use with weekly, anonymous Pulse Surveys, a quick, simple way to provide managers with actionable data that allows them to understand where their team is thriving, and what needs work.


For Managers

Tap into simple, visual data that helps you manage your team, drive performance, and understand how your people really feel. Plus, get the expert advice you need to grow based on your biggest challenges.


For Teams

We’re here to make giving feedback and growing as a team enjoyable. Make your voice heard, improve your relationship with your manager, and get involved in decisions with an high impact on you and your team.


The future of work is human centric

Measure team engagement

To build stronger teams, managers need tools that help them understand how their people really feel. Using simple, visual data, Leanstep tells managers where to take action to engage employees and drive performance.

Develop employee performance

When managers coach for growth, employees get a stake in their own development. Discover the performance management tool that sets behaviours to achieve goals and build stronger relationships. Coming soon.

Set managers up for success

With AI-driven content recommendations based on managers’ biggest challenges, Leanstep provides team leaders with the curated, expert advice they need to take their teams to the next level.

Built by experts from renowned organisations

Our focus area

Sustainable goal achieving behaviour using science driven behaviour analytics and data science

We use data science to identify data patterns in cultural data, HR data, financial data and marketing data to improve decision making for managers based on facts & figures. Natural Language Processing Algorithms help us to analyse the quality and quantity of collaboration, trust, feedback, client-centricity, appreciation etc.

On top of that, our experienced facilitators will apply layers of human development to quickly reach higher levels of performance creating both business and human opportunities more quickly, autonomously, and transparently.

Our program

Our tailored agile transformation program to increase speed and reduce cost